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The library is the arena that students use for Research and Study purposes. The ethos of the library is to provide support to the learning process of our students through the usage of differentiated learning applications.

To enable retention and assimilation in their studies , students are provided with  onsite and remote access to the library’s database,  which houses study support resources , this is Eclipse.Net Hosted. The library is a vibrant and heavily used department. The library stocks learning resources that encourage, embed and enable learning and research skills.

Eclipse.Net Hosted, our Library Management System is versatile and provides elements of interactivity which encourages students  to want to explore it's contents further. We want our students to develop their Information seeking skills as well as be proficient in acquiring Independent study Skills.

We facilitate this through the use of differentiated strategies. One is visibility of access to resources to attract engagement. An example is outline below. Students are invited to see what is available through the interactivity of resources.




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Homework study Support: 

The Library garners study materials from differentiated resources. Examples include:

  1. London Grid  For Learning Subject Website Links.
  2. Teacher Recommendations.
  3. Accredited Publishers.

Access: Students automatically become members at registration and have access to all the library and the study support facilities, as well as resources to conduct research and do homework. The library is accessible at prescribed hours during the day. Resources and services are defined using the 5 tier service provision criteria:

Key stage Curriculum & Teacher Liaison Support: Support teachers by liaising and accessing relevant curriculum information and professional development materials within and outside the school; and opportunities to cooperatively plan, implement and evaluate learning programmes which integrate information resources and technologies for the benefit of our student cohort.

Independent learning and Study Skills Development: The provision of learning and study programmes that enable students in developing personalised independent study and research skills for the purpose of successfully conducting research for  the curriculum delivered within the classroom. Through resource-based programme, students acquire skills to collect, critically analyse and organise information, problem-solve and communicate their understandings. These are disseminated through Information Literacy programmes and user education facilities. 

Differentiated Resources: Cater for differences in learning and teaching styles through the provision of and equality of access to a wide range of materials. For example,   the provision of fiction in different reading formats, i.e. Quick Reads formats,  video and digital  links such as LGFL Video Resources . Learning styles are different and at ATS we recognise this, hence the delivery of study support materials that cater to the different styles of learning.

Literacy: The library promotes reading as the first step to effective communication skills. We provide and promote quality fiction to develop and sustain in students the habit and enjoyment of reading for pleasure and in order to enrich students' intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth. The library is a member of Lambeth Libraries Phoenix Reading Group, and also a fledgling shadowing member of Carnegie Shadowing Scheme that encourages and promotes reading.

Access: Provide a conducive study environment and consistent access to curriculum relevant resources and information in support of classroom deliveries. ATS library is small and compact, which means is always heavily used. To ensure fair usage the library is opened to students at set prescribed periods during the day. Students are encouraged to adhere to these periods in order to offer a fair usage policy across the student body. Access is also facilitated through remote access via the school's VLE which incorporates interactive facilities to parents, tutors and pupils.

KS3 Curriculum study support description:

Year 7: All New Year 7 students are introduced to the library’s study facilities at the beginning of the academic year. This is conducted via a user education induction program that informs the students of the different resources and facilities available for use to support their studies. Resources are catalogued using criteria as listed below:

  1. Core or statutory subjects
  2. Year 7 Schemes of work
  3. National Curriculum Programme of study
  4. Tutor recommendations

Year 8: All Year 8 students are provided with the library’s refresher user education programe at the beginning of the academic year. Information is available via differentiated formats, Schools VLE, classroom inductions, resource guides. Study support resources are available through different formats (Library database, Books, DVDs, CD ROMs, online subscriptions: Newspapers, Audio books, E books, etc.) Study resources are acquired for year 8 students using the criteria listed below:

  1. Assessment requirements
  2. Attainment targets
  3. Year 8 Schemes of work
  4. National Curriculum outlines
  5. GCSE choice options

Key stage 4 Curriculum study Support Description
The library stocks resources to facilitate and support GCSE study support requirements. Also access to the library facilities is tailored to recognise the study requirements during these periods. Resources made available at these levels are based on criteria such as:

  1.  Core and optional subjects
  2.  GCSE options
  3.  Examination boards e.g. Edexcel, AQA, OCR.
  4.  Careers education and work-related learning
  5.  Information about vocational qualifications

KS 5 Curriculum study support  description
At the beginning of each academic year,  years 12 and 13 students have to attend a mandatory Information Literacy  and basic study skills workshop. This helps to embed personalised and independent study skills. Areas covered within these sessions focus on:

  1. Plagiarism
  2. Copyright issues
  3. Referencing skills.
  4. Digitalised learning support and security
  5. ICT and online security

The library support focuses on the KS5 subjects delivered at ATS. Library support resources are acquired based on the criteria listed below:

  1. AS/A2 level courses delivered at ATS
  2. Career Choices
  3. Revision resources.
  4. Tutor recommendations.

Useful links:
The following links are of some of the library resources used in support of the learning process at ATS.

ATS Library Database (links to a directory of 3000+ curriculum related websites)

Online Newspaper:

Understanding Plagiarism:

Libraries and information literacy:

School Library Association:

Information database (articles, data, statistics & contacts):




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