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Aims of the Department
The LDD department promotes a whole school approach to meet the range of students’ special educational needs. Our teaching staff are supported by a team of experienced LSAs who work together to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum through a range of different teaching strategies and learning styles. We believe that all children, regardless of ability or behaviour are valued equally. Pupils with special needs are fully integrated into the school and given extra help as appropriate.

As well as meeting our statutory requirements of chairing Annual Review meetings and setting and reviewing Individual Education plans, the department provides in class support and also small group withdrawal. We have a well-resourced room where the pupils can receive additional learning support.

KS3 and KS4 – Curriculum
All pupils follow the National Curriculum at KS3 and they begin their GCSE courses in Year 9 which is the start of our KS4. Boys on the LDD register receive some additional support to ensure that they make appropriate choices of courses for KS4.

The LDD department assesses each pupil and creates a personal plan of support based on individual needs. Support could include working with an LSA (learning support assistant) in the classroom; working in a small group with an LSA or LST (learning support teacher) in or out of the classroom; one to one sessions for academic, social or emotional support; anger manager or social skills workshops; referrals to external agencies. All support has objectives, which are reviewed regularly, and the pupils’ progress is tracked and monitored.

KS5 Curriculum
Please contact our LDD coordinator, Mrs Kasia Pliszczynska to discuss any matters relating to LDD in the 6th form. 

SEN Report 2019 


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