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Religious Studies


  • Ms E Greogory (Head of Department)
  • Ms Fox (Assistant Head Teacher, Head of 6th Form, Teacher of Religious Studies)

Year 7 Scheme of work

Year 8 Scheme of work 

Year 9 Scheme of work

Year 10 Scheme of work

Year 11 Scheme of work 

In Section 48 report of February 2012, Religious Studies was stated as “Outstanding”.

Religious Studies is compulsory from Year 7–13. Students study a Multi-Faith curriculum in Years 7–9. Half way through Year 9 they start their GCSE in Religious Studies. Boys have 2 periods a week in Years 7–9 and 3 periods a week at GCSE. AS / A2 Religious Studies is taught for Year 12 & 13 as well as access to Religious Education through our Critical Thinking AS / A2 and youth project with St Mark's Church.

GCSE Religious Studies consists of four modules from OCR World Religions: B571 & B572 – Christianity & B589 & B603 – Christian Ethics.

At AS/ A2 level, students follow the OCR AS/ A2 Christian Ethics and Theology course.

The Religious Studies Department at Archbishop Tenison’s School has the motto “Reflect, Respect & Achieve”. We want our pupils to enjoy their learning, to feel safe and valued. The Religious Studies department has strong links with Kings College London and as consequence; we have been involved in a pilot project with Kings on Critical Realism, which is delivered in Year 7. “The school's involvement in piloting a national project with Kings College London enables students to develop their higher level skills of enquiry as they benefit from ‘cutting edge’ thinking” (Section 48 2012).

Homework is set once a week at KS3 and twice a week at KS4 and KS5. We run a Religious Studies Club four times a week to support boys with this. This runs in room 28–29 1.00–1.30 pm. At AS / A2 level boys are always given extension work as additional learning for students wanting the best grades.

KS3 Curriculum Description
Year 7:

  • Belonging
  • Critical Realism
  • Judaism
  • Jesus in Art
  • Christian Theology
  • Inter – Faith Dialogue

Year 8:

  • Islam
  • Salvation History
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Role of Women in Christianity
  • Sikhism

Year 9:

  • Big Picture (Bible)
  • RS in the news
  • Start GCSE B571 – Christianity (Core beliefs, special days and Pilgrimage, splits in the Church and ecumenism)

Year 10:

  • B603 – Christian Ethics (relationships, medical ethics, poverty)
  • B572 – Christianity (church design, worship, religion in the community and family, sacred texts)

Year 11:

  • B589 – Christian Ethics (the environment, war, prejudice and discrimination)
  • All boys sit an exam in each unit – x4 written papers. OCR is the exam board.

KS5 Curriculum Description

Ethics (AS)
OCR is our exam board

  • Absolution & Relativism
  • Natural Law
  • Kant
  • Utilitarianism
  • Christian Ethics
  • Applied Ethics: Abortion, Right to a child, Euthanasia, Genetic Engineering, War.

AS Theology:

  • First century Gospel setting
  • Mark’s Gospel
  • Themes and texts of Mark’s passion narrative
  • Themes and Texts from the resurrection narrative in the synoptic gospels.


A2 Theology:

  • New Testament background
  • Kingdom of God
  • Parables
  • Miracles
  • Law and Ethics
  • The person of Jesus

A2 Ethics

  • Meta Ethics
  • Virtue Ethics
  • Conscience
  • Free will and Determinism
  • The environment
  • Sexual Ethics
  • Business Ethics

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