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Modern Foreign Languages


  • Ms J Maciejewski (Head of MFL)
  • Ms Z Joshan (Teacher of MFL)

      Year 7 French Scheme of work                                     Year 7 Spanish scheme of work                             

      Year 8 French Scheme of work                                     Year 8 Spanish scheme of work

      Year 9 French Scheme of work                                     Year 9 Spanish scheme of work

      Year 10 French Scheme of work                                   Year 10 Spanish scheme of work

      Year 11 French Scheme of work                                    Year 11 Spanish scheme of work


The Modern Foreign Languages subject area is responsible for the teaching of French, Spanish and Latin. Students study French or Spanish in Years 7 and 8 and are given the opportunity to carry on at GCSE Level. 

We offer two hours a week of MFL and one hour of Latin for the top two sets in year 7 or literacy support for the lower sets. French is also taught in the Sixth form.

It is important that students should have some familiarity with a language other than their own. In this age, travel and commerce stretch further around the globe than ever before and understanding the principles of different languages and cultural differences is vital to economic success. Learning a foreign language offers students an insight into another culture and broadens their horizons.

We promote Community Languages at ATS and bilingual students are encouraged to take a GCSE in their home language where possible. Boys will have the opportunity of going on a day or residential trip to France or Spain during their time
with us.

Homework is set once a week and students are expected to learn new vocabulary weekly. At KS4, students should spend a minimum of an hour a week to revise vocabulary and complete homework.

KS3 Curriculum Description
Year 7:

  • Myself
  • Family & Friends
  • School
  • Hobbies
  • House and Home
  • Local Environment

Year 8:

  • Hobbies
  • The future
  • Healthy living
  • The past
  • Holidays
  • Young people and their rights

KS4 Curriculum Description
We follow the Edexcel course and all skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing are tested at the end of Year 11. The main topics include:

  1. Media and culture
  2. Sport and leisure
  3. Travel and tourism
  4. Business, work and employment

KS5 Curriculum Description
We follow the Edexcel course. Examinations are taken at the end of year 12 and year 13. All four skills are reading, speaking, listening and writing are tested with a particular focus on the production of French through speaking and writing in year 13.

  • Youth culture (AS)
  • Lifestyles (AS)
  • Education and the future (AS)
  • The world around us (AS)
  • Customs, traditions, beliefs and religions (A2)
  • National and international events (A2)
  • Literature and the arts (A2)

Useful links

The following websites are recommended to support language learning: (Username and Passwords given at school)


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