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  • Mr Fatuma Nyembo (Teacher of IT)

             Year 7 Scheme of work   

             Year 8 Scheme of work   

             Year 9 Scheme of work   

             Year 10 Scheme of work   

             Year 11 Scheme of work   



Information technology is an integral part of everyone’s life and a core element of the business world. In the IT and Business Department we aim to give students the skills to understand and appreciate the advantages and limitations of new technology for individuals as well as the wider community. Students learn to use the technology as a problem solving tool in a business context and understand how to use the developing technologies safely.

In IT all students extend their knowledge of a range of programmes and programming software. They develop IT practical skills and see the work they do in lessons as exploring and creating a wealth of knowledge which enriches their understanding of the digital world. E-safety is a core principle in the learning experienced by students. Understanding the physical function of computers and networks provides students with practical skills.

Homework tasks are set to reinforce the understanding and application of knowledge and skills. Some homework is set so that students can research or investigate. All students are set homework on a weekly basis. Homework tasks and resources are uploaded to the VLE so that students can access them from home or outside of the lesson.

KS3 Curriculum
At Key Stage 3 students develop their basic IT skills by learning to use a range of software which extend their knowledge and understanding of the use of IT and are introduced to basic programming through gaming software.

Year 7:

  • Introduction to IT and e-safety
  • Inside a computer
  • Animal rescue centre
  • Using Mediator 9
  • Designing a game
  • Creating Web-pages

Year 8:

  • Creating a video about collaborating safely
  • Creating an e-time capsule
  • Quiz making using Mediator 9
  • Game making using Scratch
  • Build a computer


KS4 Curriculum description
Year 9 is a preparation year for the GCSE and BTEC courses. Yr9 students start business courses in this year. BTEC courses are  from the range of vocational courses provided by the Edexcel Exam Board.

Year 9:

  •  Film Company database
  •  IT in Business
  •  Lets Communicate
  •  IT fixing problems


  • Unit 1 Living in a digital world
  • Smart working
  • IT and entertainment
  • Unit 2 Creating Models
  • Digital publishing
  • Presenting information

KS5 Curriculum
We follow the AQA course for IT at this level. Exams are taken at the end of year 13. The courses extend the knowledge and skills developed during KS4.

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