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  • Ms S Appavoo (Head of Department)     

               Year 7 Scheme of work      

               Year 8 Scheme of work

               Year 9 Scheme of work

               Year 10 Scheme of work   

               Year 11 Scheme of work    


In History homework follows the whole school homework policy.  Homework is set each week.  Students receive National Curriculum Levels at Key Stage 3 and examination grades at GCSE and A level.  Assessment for Learning strategies are widely used and students will be given regular targets in order to improve their future performance.


We offer a varied curriculum encompassing National Curriculum specifications focusing on key elements in British and world history.

The History curriculum at ATS is designed to provide opportunities for pupils to explore the ways in which the past has helped shape identities, shared cultures, values and attitudes today.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 students study……

Medieval Establishment of Power – 1066-1500

Medieval Society – 1066-1500

The World of Islam and its impact in Spain

The Journey of Religion - The Tudors 1500-1600

Our Democratic Origins - The Stuarts 1600-1700

In Year 8 students study……

From Slavery to Equality - Black Peoples of the Americas

People of Profit? The British Industrial Revolution 1750-1900

The Great War - 1914-1918

The Second World War - 1939-1945

The Warsaw Ghetto: A case study into the Holocaust  October 1940- May 1943

Key Stage 4

During Years 9 to 11 students study……

Medicine Through Time 1350 to the present day

Transformation in Surgery 1845 to the present day

Controlled Assessment - The Vietnam War

Nazi Germany, 1933–1945

Key Stage 5

At AS students study……

OCR AS Syllabus A

Germany 1919-1960

Churchill’s Political Career

At A2 students study.....

OCR A2 Syllabus A

Russia 1860-1965

Personal Study based on topics in the Cold War

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