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Mr Roger Reid (Teacher of Psychology)   

Psychology is the study of human behaviours using scientific methods to both analyse and explain different human behaviours.  It has recently been reclassified by the QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency) as a science subject. The course is full of case studies, theories and going in depth about certain behaviours.




Source: New specification Overview

AS Course Outline

The AS course consists of two exam papers which are known as paper 1 and paper 2 and completing these two results in the AS certificate. The unit code is 7181.

AS Paper 1 consists of:

  • Social Influence
  • Attachment
  • Memory

AS Paper 2 consists of:

  • Approaches in psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • Research Methods

Both exams are 1hour 30 minutes and worth 72 marks each. Each paper counts towards 50% of the total AS grade and consist of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions.

A Level Course Outline

Doing the full A level consists of 3 exam papers which are papers 1, papers 2 and also paper 3. The unit code for this is 7182. Each exam is 2 hours and worth 96 marks each. Each paper represents 33% of the total A level grade.

A Level Paper 1 consists of:

A Level Paper 2 consists of:

A Level Paper 3 consists of:

You will study Issues and debates and pick 3 topics to study out of the following 9:

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