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September 2016

Welcome to our school.  Archbishop Tenison’s has a long and established tradition of educating young people since 1685.

One of the great strengths of Tenison’s is our Pastoral Care and size, which means that we are well placed to ensure that a family atmosphere exists and that all students can be known by all staff.

Our commitment and constant aim is to provide all our young people with the best educational experience irrespective of starting points.  Our focus is to enable them to understand that education is key in our changing world of work, and teach that our core values of Compassion, Hard Work, Accountability, Respect and Trust are essential values for all successful relationships.  Our core values sit alongside our motto of Justice, Mercy and Humility.

Our vision through our core values is that, “Together we Aim for Excellence, Together we Achieve and Together we Succeed”.  The ultimate aim is that we become the school of choice.

We are now in our second year of admitting girls into Year 7.  Both Year 7 and 8 girls have settled well and we are so proud of them.  We have adopted the ‘diamond approach’ model of education as is found mainly in independent schools. This means co-educational teaching in the primary phase, separate teaching in Years 7 – 11 but mixed tutor groups, mixed teaching in PSCHE lessons and in the Sixth Form.  This is a unique opportunity for boys and girls education in a co-educational setting.

We are committed to providing the best pastoral care and academic rigour for our students and seek to ensure that all of them to leave the school with the best possible skills.  We are pleased that this is our fifth successive year with all our leavers now in education, employment or training. Our sixth form students passed their ’A’ Levels and equivalent exams.  Many are now attending universities such as Warwick, King’s, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Camberwell School of Art.

At Archbishop Tenison’s we firmly believe in bringing out the best in all students.  We are committed to raising standards and enabling all students to make rapid progress.  We are confident that with the recruitment of excellent new staff, we will see attainment rise, along with rates of progress. The combination of academic success and excellent pastoral care allows all students to thrive and enables them to become independent young people.

We look forward to a year in which we are determined to follow through our vision of excellence, achievement and success.  We will be relentless in ensuring that there are no gaps in our attainment and that no student is left behind.

We welcome and encourage you to visit our school and to discover for yourselves how we are able to motivate our students to achieve their best.

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