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Careers Education is known by the acronym CEIAG, which stands for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance. At Tenison’s we fulfill all of these requirements as follows:

Careers Education

This is one of the topics covered during the timetabled weekly form group lesson, so all students are taught a careers education unit at some point during the year. Topics vary depending on the year group but include:

  • Planning your post-16 education
  • Writing a CV
  • Researching job requirements
  • Writing a letter of application  

We also work closely with a local educational foundation called Into University to provide careers workshops for selected students across all year groups. These workshops focus on developing skills required in the workplace, such as creativity, communication and resilience.

In addition, Year 10 students benefit from a Careers Education day held during Activities Week at the end of the academic year.

A number of Year 11 boys are able to take part in the prestigious Westminster School Summer School, which takes place each year in the first year of the summer holidays.

Careers Information

This is provided through a series of lunchtime talks held at the school. Each month we invite a professional from a different field to give a talk to interested boys about the work they do. Recent talks have been given by a banker, a chartered surveyor, a lawyer, an accountant and an expert in marketing.

In addition to this, students are offered a range of other opportunities to attend careers events away from school throughout the year. For example, a group of Year 9 boys recently attended a careers’ fair and a group of 6th Form students attended an information event about work opportunities in the City of London.

Careers Advice/Guidance

This is provided on a 1-to-1 basis to those students requiring it. Tenison’s works with a careers partner, CfBT, who are recognised experts in the field of careers education.  This advice/guidance is provided impartially in 40 minute sessions.

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