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The chaplaincy at Archbishop Tenison’s School influences many areas of school life. 

The school's Collective Worship is at the core of his responsibilities. The Chaplain must organise and lead collective worship, both in the whole school and upper school assemblies, but also on special occasions. These include Advent, Easter, Remembrance Day, Ash Wednesday and Christmas. 

The chaplain's role also involves some teaching of Religious Studies, be that at Key Stage 3, 4 or 5. He also contributes to study sessions on key topics, such as baptism or Christian ethical perspectives. In addition, the chaplain might take part in school trips to places of religious significance, such as Taize, or other extra-curricular sports activities​ such as football.
During Collective Worship Assembly in the School Assemblies we have a bell ringer, Bible reader for scripture, a hymnal for singing, a process of lighting of the peace candle and the reading of the peace prayer in each assembly. Creative contributions from students are also encouraged. 

As a pastor, the chaplain is one of the people students and staff who can turn to in times of grief, or when they are in trouble. Each week, he is involved with the Christian Union in assisting or leading the talks and I also engage with students for a one-to-one conversation on the corridors when they are in and out of lessons or out on the playground during break and lunch times. 

Archbishop Tenison’s School was founded in a church and has taken faith seriously for over three centuries; the moral and spiritual development of our students is still central to us today. In our 2012 'SIAMS' church inspection, we were found to be outstanding in all areas. This commitment comes from the senior leadership too, but the chaplain is there to monitor and shape the continuing commitment to the Christian faith as central to school life. 



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