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Form Tutors and Head of Years

If you have any queries about your child's education, please contact their tutor in the first instance. If you feel the matter is more serious, please contact their head of year:-

Year 7
Ms J Joyce Head of year
Ms M McKeown 7.C
Ms M Hughes 7.D

Mrs S Skelly

Mr L Karamoko (Co-Tutor) 

Ms C Waygood 7.Y
Year 8
Mr E Sims Head of year
Ms L Ogutuga 8.29
Mr K Fynn 8.4
Ms E Lynch 8.8
Ms E Gregory 8.RS1
Year 9
Mr D Royes(assisted by Ms J Joyce) Head of year
Ms C Anaya-Castellanos 9.10
Ms S Latunji 9.31
Ms P Adams 9.S2
Mr R Reid 9.S4
Year 10
Mr R Thomas  Head of Year
Ms J Maciejewski 10.11
Mr P Guenkou 10.5
Mr P Haviland 10.RS2
Year 11
Mr M Leon Head of Year
Mr J Wong 11.27
Ms G Nipah 11.28
Mr H Holness 11.3
Year 12/13
Ms Fox Head of Year
Mr J Fonseca 12A/B
Mr J Wilson 13A
Ms H King 13B

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