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Year 10 Scheme of work 

GCSE Economics

Exam Board



A full course single award

100% Examination


This is a two-year course and by the end of the period students would have been tested on the three units taught. 

All three exams are written papers. Students are provided with pre-released case studies for Unit 3, which are very helpful in the exam preparation process.

Course Overview

GCSE Economics is designed to inspire and encourage an interest in and an understanding of real-world economics. Students are exposed to a wide range of microeconomic and macroeconomic issues.

It is a live and vibrant subject. Students are engaged in deep discussion, analysis and evaluation of decisions made by government and international authorities and how they affect students, their family and friends and their behaviour as consumers. 

There are three (3) units designed to help students develop an understanding of economic issues. They are:

·         How the Market Works (Unit A591) – in this aspect of the course issues directly affecting consumers and workers are examined;

·         How the Economy Works (Unit A592) – this component of the course looks at the issues surrounding the national economy such as inflation unemployment taxation and government policy ; and

·         The UK Economy and Globalisation (Unit A593) – in this component students are given the opportunity examine the relationship between the UK and its various trading partners all over the world.



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